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Making great tasting drinks isn’t hard if you have great things to make them with. We think that cocktails can be made at home and don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Our beverage manager Tyrel has curated recipes for those brave people with a full liquor cabinet that want a delicious cocktail in the comfort of their own home. With that said- cocktails don’t need to  be complicated to be delicious. Great flavour comes from care and quality products so grab your jiggers and have a go at some of our signature and seasonal recipes below.

Cocktails for Beginners…

All of these cocktails are easy to make, require little cocktail knowledge and are all about balance.

Classic Negroni

Possibly the most classic cocktail known to human-kind. A simple 3 ingredient combo of bitter-sweet, balanced perfection.

  • 1oz Cascadian Gin

  • 1oz Amaro Classico

  • 1oz sweet vermouth (we like Cochi di Torino)

How to make:

Pour all three ingredients into a short glass filled with regular ice. Stir gently for ten seconds and garnish with a wedge of fresh orange

Limoncello Spritz

The spritz has to be one of the best things to come out of Italy. In the right proportions this simple cocktail can be a party knock out.

  • 2oz Woods Limoncello

  • 3oz Sparkling white wine

  • 1oz fresh lemon juice

  • splash of soda

How to make:

Pour limoncello and lemon juice into a stemmed wine glass filled with ice. Now, top with sparkling wine and a dash of soda water. Mix gently and garnish with a wedge of fresh lemon

When life gives you lemons..

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